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Point-Of-Care Testing Services

Point of Care Healthcare

Point-of-care testing (POCT) is now a proven approach that can provide faster turnaround (TAT) of laboratory test results. Point-of-care (POC) testing can potentially improve the detection and management of infectious diseases by reducing the time between testing for and the diagnosis of an infection.

Rapidly diagnosing an infection benefits the patient by facilitating timely access to care and initiation of therapy; it may also benefit the population at large by reducing the probability of disease transmission. Furthermore, rapidly identifying the cause of an infection and promptly initiating appropriate therapy may reduce inappropriate antimicrobial use in the community. For acute illnesses such as influenza and streptococcal pharyngitis, early identification and intervention are associated with better outcomes and reduced transmission.

As a wellness community pharmacy practice, our point of care testing service will not only help reduce the overall cost incurred by a patient or third-party payer for a health care encounter. It also introduces the possibility to provide the patient with the most cost-effective service. Patients will essentially save money by having the test performed at our pharmacy.

Along with decreased costs, Vivmeds Pharmacy point of testing service is also increasing access, which can decrease the patient’s overall time spent. Vivmeds Pharmacy is proud to be an accredited CLIA waived point of care testing center to administer the CLIA-waived Point-of-Care Testing services through the Texas Department of State Health Services

As a community Pharmacy with deep passion and expertise for helping communities achieve wellness; our focus on quality care and patient outcomes through Point-of-Care Testing services would provide patients with improved equity of access to achieve better health outcomes.

At Vivmeds Pharmacy, Rapid Diagnostic Testing is offered as a convenient service with no hassles. Hence, it can be done on the patient’s schedule. A few of the community pharmacy-based Rapid Diagnostic Testing CLIA-waived tests currently being offered at Vivmeds Pharmacy include international normalized ratio, Helicobacter pylori, A1C, influenza, and HIV/hepatitis C virus screening. Infectious disease tests can be used in community pharmacies to screen for communicable diseases of public health interest. For example, performing Point-of-Care Testing services for HIV and hepatitis C virus can improve linkage to appropriate care or counseling services for patients with reactive test results. Expanded surveillance through the use of these tests may also provide more accurate data on disease prevalence as well as increase public health agencies’ ability to reach targeted populations for screening.

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