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Medication Therapy Management

What is Medication Therapy Management?

Medication Therapy Management refers to a group of services designed to optimize outcomes for patients. The primary components include active prescription management and proactive identification of medication issues.

As the American Pharmacists Association explains, MTM exists because medication management is an expensive and growing issue in the U.S. In fact, prescription-related issues cause an estimated 1.5 million needless negative events every year, resulting in over $175 billion in costs related to injuries and death.

Through the Medication Therapy Management, you’ll get:

  • An all-inclusive review of your medications and the reasons why you take them.
  • A written summary of your medication review with your pharmacist.
  • A road map to assist you make the best use of your medications (there will be opportunity for you to take notes or write down any follow-up questions)
  • Necessary assessments of your health status
  • Formulating a medication treatment plan
  • Selecting, initiating, modifying, or administering medication therapy
  • Monitored and evaluated on your response to therapy, including safety and effectiveness
  • A comprehensive medication review to identify, resolve, and prevent medication-related problems, including adverse drug events
  • Verbal education and training designed to enhance your understanding and appropriate use of your medications
  • Support services, and resources designed to enhance your adherence with your therapeutic regimens

At Vivmeds Pharmacy, our pharmacist will discuss with you about:

  • Whether your medications have side effects
  • Whether you take several prescription and non-prescription medications.
  • If there might be interactions between the drugs, you're taking
  • Whether your costs can be lowered

Schedule your medication review with us at Vivmeds Pharmacy Denton
Texas, so you can discuss with the Pharmacist about your action plan
and medication list. Bring your action plan and medication list with you.

Medication Management is our strength

At Vivmeds Pharmacy , we work directly with you to determine where there may be medication-related problems or concerns. Medication management will ensure that all of your medications are consistent with each other and with you. We evaluate each of your medications for drug-drug interactions, drug-food interactions. We will collaborate with you to make sure you are taking your medications correctly. This service is great for those who are transitioning care (i.e. from hospital to home), have multiple medications, want to reduce healthcare costs, or have changed medication regimens/doctors.

Please call or stop in to request this free service.

Request Auto-Refill

Automatic refill and Medication Synchronization Services

Are you taking various medications? Let the staff at Vivmeds Pharmacy in Denton help coordinate your medication refills. At Vivmeds Pharmacy in Denton, we are going extra miles in delivering personalized care and service with our medication refill synchronization and automatic refill services. Our key strategy is to help adjust all your medication numbers, allowing them to “run out” at the same time each month (or every 90 days).

Subsequently, our system alerts us when your prescriptions are due for refill. We then follow up with you to inform you about the status of your order. At that time, your only responsibility will be to verify:

  • The medications are still needed, and no therapy changes have been made.
  • Specify your preference - in store pick up, home delivery, or shipped (provide shipping address if not already pre-arranged).