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Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management | Type 2 | Type 1 Diabetes | Free Consultation

Among the US population overall, crude estimates for 2018 were:


34.2 million people of all ages for 10.5% of the US population had diabetes


34.1 million adults aged 18 years or older - or 13.0% of all US adults had diabetes



7.3 million adults aged 18 years or older who met laboratory criteria for diabetes were not aware or did not report having diabetes. This number represents 2.8% of all US adults and 21.4% of all US adults with diabetes.


The percentage of adults with diabetes increased with age, reaching 26.8% among those aged 65 years or older.

Many individuals have type 2 diabetes but do not experience symptoms. Even individuals with diabetes don't often monitor their blood sugar levels regularly when they're feeling well. Even if you aren't having symptoms, diabetes can damage blood vessels and organs in your body. By taking steps to monitor and manage your diabetes, you can reduce your risk for diabetes complications.

As a community Pharmacy, we have expanded diabetes care services to improve the health of the community by providing ancillary services such as diabetes self-management education/training (DSME/T) programs

Vivmeds Pharmacy patient educator role can play out in five initial areas

Sometimes in practice—patients with diabetes can walk out of pharmacies with the right medications and OTC diabetes products and not improve their health status. What’s missing is patient education and engagement. At Vivmeds Pharmacy, that’s the disease management function that we have embraced.

  • Medication reconciliation: Vivmeds Pharmacies would assist in verifying that patients are taking the correct medications to manage their diabetes. We can counsel patients and prescribers about other medications that may be indicated based on their comorbidities or contraindicated based on what they’re currently taking.
  • Medication use: Many patients with diabetes require injectable insulin. As a community pharmacy, we educate patients how to store the insulin, how to draw the insulin into the syringe, how to inject the insulin, how to change needles and how to rotate injection sites.
  • Product selection: At Vivmeds Pharmacy, our Pharmacists engage in conversations with patients and possibly family members about their OTC diabetes product needs. We discuss with patients regularly if they are experiencing any issues so they can direct patients to the right products they need to manage their condition and ensure a minor issue doesn’t evolve into a severe complication.
  • Product use: Vivmeds Pharmacists are willing to teach patients and possibly family members how to use their diabetes products. Monitoring blood sugar levels is an essential part of health maintenance for patients with diabetes. Knowing how to use a lancet and glucose meter is critical.
  • Education and Awareness: More importantly, Vivmeds Pharmacy can help guide the patient to understand their blood glucose results. This can include noticing patterns in their readings and helping a patient adjust, and understanding how their food choices, exercise, stress or illness may affect their glucose levels.

The role of patient educator can play out in a number of ongoing areas; for instance the risk factors , like smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol associated with diabetes, Vivmeds Pharmacy supports patients with diabetes with clinical services like nutritional counseling and smoking cessation programs that can mitigate those risk factors and offering flu and other key immunizations to their patients and family members. We support patients with diabetes with prescription and non-prescription products directed at the same risk factors.

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