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Free Covid-19 Testing, VaccinationVivmeds Pharmacy, Denton TX
Free COVID-19 Vaccine

Immunizations will be available at no costs to patients.

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Steps We've Taken to Keep You Safe

At Vivmeds Pharmacy, we are dedicated to protecting you and your health. Our pharmacy is also taking additional steps to keep you safe:

  • Screening for COVID-19 symptoms prior to providing immunizations
  • Online Consent & Release Form to streamline vaccine processing and reduce the number of patients in the waiting area
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE), including face shields, for all Vivmeds pharmacy associates.
  • Hand hygiene practiced before and after immunizations, including changing gloves between patients
  • Monitoring COVID transmission and prevalence in the local area to adapt PPE requirements if necessary
  • Keeping social distancing before and after the immunization
Will Vivmeds Pharmacy offer the COVID-19 vaccine?
When will my pharmacy have the vaccine?
Who will administer the vaccine?
Do I have to wear a mask to get the vaccine at Vivmeds Pharmacy?

About COVID-19 Vaccine

Will the vaccine be offered to the general public?
Who is immediately eligible for the vaccine?
Is the vaccine free?
How many doses is the COVID-19 vaccine?
If I have already had coronavirus, do I still need to be vaccinated?
Are there side effects associated with the vaccine?
After I get the vaccine, can I stop wearing a mask?
Is it true that the COVID-19 vaccine is only available to people 18+ years of age? What should I do to protect my younger children who are not old enough to receive the vaccination?
Can I get my COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as other vaccines?
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Your health is our top priority. That's why we prudently evaluate your medication history when filling your prescriptions. We are always here to answer any questions you may have to provide clarity for an easy experience, as well as peace of mind. .

We accept all major insurance plans.

  • Auto Refill: Enroll at the pharmacy and we'll notify you when your prescriptions are ready for pickup.
  • Vaccination Station: Walk-ins welcome for immunizations for flu, shingles, tetanus, and more
  • Integrative Medicine and Holistic wellness: Our integrative approach to care at Vivmeds Pharmacy begins with advanced prevention. We want to help you stay healthy, and not fall sick to begin with. We also want to expose any weak links that you might have, so that we can support these weaknesses and prevent problems down the road.
  • Non-Sterile Compounding: At Vivmeds Pharmacy, we provide specialty pharmaceutical solutions that typical pharmacies cannot always provide. Our goal is to give you the highest level of quality, customized medications and customer service at peerless prices. Our compounding pharmacy works with patients and physicians to provide a custom solution for their pharmaceutical needs that go beyond what standard pharmacies normally provide.
  • Free Delivery Service: We help our patients save time running to the pharmacy and focus on work, hobbies, and other tasks. We conveniently bring to your front door, office, or a more convenient location.